Summer Shades

We've been on the lookout for lights for the back deck since last summer and these ones we just picked up from Ikea fit the bill perfectly! The rattan shade adds to the whole breezy vibe and I love how you can see the silhouette of the lightbulbs through them. We bought the globe-shaped lightbulbs at Ikea too - they're energy efficient and should last 10,000 hours. Perfect for those long, languorous summer nights... can't you hear the crickets chirping already?


i'm feeling really uninspired, lazy, broken, and confused these past few days... and i think its what we call the 'pre-quarter life crisis'. pft.

also why i'm sooo lazy blogging, posting/taking pictures, going out (bars, night out's, etc.) ... cos i just wanna lie in bed and DREAM! (x.x)

...i missed being an EXPAT.
  • freedom
  • weather
  • people who don't mind
  • really nice income
  • more shopping selections
  • great number of other reasons
BUT i still don't reget quitting the last time cos at least being back home, i have my friends/ family 24/7. and oh, Starbucks and alcohol is much much cheaper! :>

AND i had been traveling loads too since i got home! but i'm still confused whether i like where/what i am right now... i mean, i'm helping out in the business, getting my salary (of course, my previous one was soo much incomparable!) but still feel useless :(

... so i plan on studying again. which also means that i have to start all over. but both fields i'm planning to take are different in so many levels. aarrggghhh! cos i only have to choose ONE.

well anyway, i hope to get my answers within the next 3 weeks. classes starts on May and June...while pictures from Hongkong are soo relieving for now :)

(leather jacket: giordano. pashmina: zara. top: bench. skirt: h&m)

and WOW these clothes from Matthew Williamson for H&M!

What Do You Think?

Baby HandyLuster should be making an appearance soon.  The due date is April 15th but babies tend to make up their own schedules with these things :)  The doctor and the doula tell me that its common for first-time mothers to go past their due date, though I'm feeling like this baby will make an early appearance.  What do you think??

Venture a guess on our online baby pool by clicking the icon above.  There's no prize to the winner (except for bragging rights that you are a baby guessing guru!).  I'll let you all know once I cross the finish line :o)

more effing details

OMG Edison Chen is on the front page!!! BUT my effing Chinese sucks, so damn.
  • we planned on visiting the Giant Buddha (aside from the outlet shops) in Lantau Island, HK. the cable car trip took more than 30mins... it was windy that day, and i'm scurrrd of heights. got bored eventually. also never bothered to get up-close with Buddha... a bus ride wasn't alluring at all.

and so the day passsed.

so how many times must one visit disneyland?

i looked like Mickey's long-lost sister with the cheeky face, black coat, and red tights! Disneyland HK is soo small, yet i want to come back over and over again! :)

the weather was weird in Hongkong when i arrived - it was COLD! my friends informed me to bring scarves/wintery stuffs on the last minute (when its supposed to be Spring), and i didn't had time to prepare for my outfits since i just arrived from Caramoan Islands, hours before the flight! i guess God's telling me NOT to travel on December anymore, since i said to myself that i want to 'dress up' for winter. funny thing is, my friends had been wearing thin clothing weeks before my arrival.... and it got WARMER again once i left for Macau.

maybe someone's really out there fulfilling my wish... (?)

(coat: zara. top: zara. shorts: bazaar. tights: h&m. boots: zara. sunnies: h&m. bag: LV damier nf)

Summer Lovin'

Are you eagerly counting the days to summer? I sure am. I can’t wait until Baby HandyLuster arrives and we can go for long walks, explore the back garden, or lounge out on our back porch. Ever since we built the banquettes last year and got the cushions made, I’ve been waiting for the warm weather to arrive and just get outside.

A trip to Ikea last week got me even more in the mood. Have you seen their new summer collection? Its phenomenal! I’m loving their outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas, and especially outdoor cushions. I contemplated getting a few to use as floor cushions for Baby’s room, the colours were so fresh and vibrant. And what about the Solig mobile? Baby would love that too… multifunctional, people! We have a few more things to finish on the porch this summer like adding lighting and breezy curtains so I’ll be on the lookout for those things as well. Head out to your nearest Ikea before all the goods get scooped up!


just some pictures from Happy Andrada's Whimsical Fashion Gala...

wearing my favorite dress from h&m!

and some cosplay fever (>.@)

the sun will keep shining for you

i'm having a MAJOR vacation hangover.

some 2 weeks ago, i attended Happy Adrada's Fashion Gala.
morning went, flew straight to Camsur and CWC.
then Caramoan for the next 3 days...
went back to Manila for a few hours,
then travelled to Hongkong and Macau for 5 days.

i haven't slept like a baby for 2 weeks,
and i'm still recuperating.


Caramoan Islands was to DIE for!

it was ONLY ME and 5 of my friends who were visiting that day...
so we had this kind-of delusional 'idea' of owning the place.

"Survivor Israel" was also shooting in some 3 islands nearby...
and they blocked it.

i can't stop bitching about how i thought this was MY country!
and that i could visit wherever i want to!
but after some shots of alcohol... i felt better.

ps. there are like gazillions of pictures in my computer,
but i'm too lazeeh to crop out my friends/ choose which ones i post :)

'Caramoan Islands' reminds me so much of 'Phi Phi Islands' in Thailand!

it almost feel like a carbon copy (sans foreign tourists)

so i don't think i need to go back to Thailand in the next 2-3 yrs...

but rather explore more Philippines :)

Peekin' In On Baby

Baby HandyLuster's room is looking sweeter by the day! A few sneak peeks of the progress...

Baby HandyLuster seems impatient to see the room, judging from all the pushing and stretching and punching happening in my belly these days!


i'm on a very shitty sit right now... hence, the MIA.

but anyway, just to give you some updates on what's happening in my life, let's cross some things out from my NY's resolution...
  • CHECK. spend Christmas in a winter country (i just want to dress up for winter!) - no need for Christmas. just got back from HK/Macau, and man! was it cold!
  • CHECK. be able to stand up & finish the whole ramp (2x) in wake-boarding! - well partly. i went back to CWC 2 weeks ago, but my wake-boarding skill is still the same.
  • CHECK. commit to belly dancing and yoga - i finally enrolled Bikram Yoga. damn was it challenging!! but im currently on hiatus...
  • CHECK. visit China, drop by HK, then shop in H&M! :) - just got back from HK with a tearful H&M shopping spree! >:)
  • CHECK. wear circle lens with ease - done. but not my thing anymore
  • CHECK. have a wonderful, to-die-for, beach getaway! - just got back from Caramoan Islands (where Survivor France & Israel were shooting), and more coming its way!!
  • CHECK. make a total hottie ask for my number, then make him cry...(haha!) - i never thought this would be possible, but it happened. i didn't expect i would cry (harder) though :(
  • CHECK. fall in love again ♥ - i'm currently in my deathbed. i fell, but i'm broken :(
but i want to make things right! i will stand up again, and have a happy ending :)
i know God is great :)


Caparo T1 Race Extreme: New Track-Focused Version

You've probably heard about the Caparo T1 - a lightweight British supercar developed by the same engineers that brought us the McLaren F1. Well, now Caparo has revealed an even more hardcore variant of the T1 aimed specifically at the high end of the track day market. In the Race Extreme Specification, the T1 boasts a more powerful V8 engine as well as several other mechanical upgrades.

In detail, the Caparo T1 Race Extreme is powered by an upgraded version of the standard car's normally aspirated, 3.5-liter V8 engine delivering an extra 45-horsepower for a total output of 620bhp at 10,500 rpm.

The race specification also adds fully adjustable suspension and aerodynamic packs, ultra light 6-pot front and 4-pot rear monoblock billet machined aluminum calipers complete with titanium pistons, and 355mm x 35mm ceramic discs and pads set up.

Furthermore, Caparo's engineers upgraded the T1's electronic package that contains an adjustable traction control and a fully tuneable ECU which allows the driver to fiddle around with the engine mapping and the six speed sequential gear box. Prices have yet to be announced.

0-62 mph (100km/h)

2.8 sec

0-100 mph(160km/h)

5.8 sec

Top speed

208 mph

G loads braking

> 4 g

G loads cornering

> 3.5 g

Dry weight

550 kgs

2010 British Motor Show Cancelled Amid Financial Downturn

Organizers have axed next year's 2010 British International Motor Show because of the recession that has hit the automobile industry and consumers alike. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) made the announcement today saying that the economic downturn " made it impossible for exhibitors to commit to a 2010 event."

"The British International Motor Show is the UK's largest consumer exhibition, hugely popular with the public, and has been attracting increasing numbers of visitors over recent years, making the decision to cancel the 2010 Show an extremely difficult one," said SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt. "However, the global credit crunch has placed the automotive sector under unique pressure and has created a level of uncertainty that deters manufacturers from committing to large-scale, international events," he added.

It should be noted that the organizers have not made it clear when (or if...) the British Motor Show will open its doors again.

Speaking on behalf of International Motor Industry Events (imie), the organizers of the British International Motor Show, joint managing director Rob Mackenzie said: "Given the great strides that the Motor Show has taken since its return to London, we fully endorse the decision to postpone BIMS until market conditions will again permit us to deliver a world class event that truly showcases the UK industry."

Smart ForTwo owners Get Half-Price Parking in NY City Garages

At 61 inches wide and 106 inches long or almost half the size of a Cadillac DTS, it is totally reasonable that drivers of the miniscule Smart ForTwo pay half the price for parking. In addition to earlier deals struck with Meyers Parking and Icon Parking Systems facilities in Manhattan, and AviStar Airport Parking, with lots at both JFK and LaGuardia Airports, Smart today announced a new agreement with Central Parking System in New York City, that will see Fortwo owners in Manhattan paying half-price at the company's parking lots and garages. .

"Our arrangement with the parking companies gives Smart owners the best of both worlds - the ability to park at a discounted price, along with the ease to park almost anywhere," said Dave Schembri, President of smart USA. "The smart fortwo is helping New Yorkers change the way they navigate and park in New York, while offering great fuel economy, safety and functionality."