laters my love(s)!

*whew* i'm almost done packing... and yes, i used those vacuum thingie i saw in the supermarket. i have to say, it is one of the greatest invention ever made! haha (im exaggerating no?)

before sucking the air out...


almost done. im really scared how much this weighs though..

just A DAY from now, and ill be flying back home.. and as far as im concerned, i already have this very TIGHT schedule. 

sadly, i can't bring my mac in most places... so... 'til then!

** its been really great being here (blogging) and i'm only 1 week old! (the old entries dated before April 23 are copied from my previous blog since i get really obsessive compulsive at times :)

be inspired. hippie delight!

don't you just love to smell the flowers, and enjoy the sunshine?

(since im one vivi addict,.. do expect more. :)

now im adding high-heeled gladiators in my wishlist.. i never really liked flats anyway...

oh and btw, i just discovered rumi's blog (i know, im soo new here!) and she rocks it vivi style! *bow*

ps. i didn't scanned these!

more. vivi magazine

okay, i have been posting obsessively in my blog and i know i have to stop! but before that, here's one of my fave vivi models.. and as said earlier, doesn't she look like a DOLL? :)

and some pages from the magazine (autumn)..

pics from

asian thing. neoprints.. i also have to say, its ViVi

to be honest, i haven't flipped through the pages of vouge, elle, or some other fashion magazines, etc. since.. age 12? and now that im working *eek* the only fashion or sort-of thing i have on my hand is preview (manila version. not even international fashion! ugh). im lazy that way... but i do have my monthly subscription of vivi (japanese magazine) and it does get me pretty excited each time i get one :)
just in case you're wondereding what "japanese street fashion" looks like, you have to get one! also, i thik vivi models are "perfection" they ALL look like dolls! in a cute/pretty/sexy way that is :) if only i could go to japan one day... i heard its better real life. (btw these are chinese versions i get in china... and whenever im home in my country, i ask one of my friends (from japan) to send me these for $16! it doesn't matter w/c one i get cos i CANT understand BOTH versions anyway! haha!)

in the meantime, me & my friends just go to hongkong.. and weloveit! neoprints fever! oh yah, we're such kids!

watercolor gold digger

i really love this top/dress or whatever you call it.. but i paired it out with skinnies since i'm awfully LAZY as always. italian pizza & pasta galore *yum*

top & shoes: (yarou) some store in xiamen, china. skinnies: topshop. bangles & hoops! the usual watch & clutch bag.

love. new playlist

this song has been playing endlessly since i downloaded it last week...

(bye bye remix - mariah carey)

if only i was heartbroken or the sorts... this would have been PERFECT!

ipod black devil sleeves & devil earphone whatever.. haha even my ipod's wearing an outfit. so ASIAN should i say?

how can i pack shoes w/o losing its form?

i know i've travelled a couple of times already to know the basics of packing (or "packing 101")... but NO. packing is such a hassle ever since trip #01!

first, i can't decide w/c stuffs to bring... who knows if i suddenly have this urge of wearing a pink "hucci" outfit when all i have was a boring black top?

second, the baggage weight rule or whatever you call it.

third,.. i just hate packing!

BUT one of the advantages i do get from it is - forced inventory, and i just realized that i've accumulated 4 new shoes since february.

wedge sandals, zara.

satin heels etc., h&m.

classic black pumps, aldo.

gladiator flats, h&m.

just in case you're wondering, im going home (manila, phils.) for my vacation leave. yahoo! i can't wait for the beach! :D

sin. lv palermo

i'm not really a 'designer slut' nor a handbag-type-of-girl... but i lately found myself lusting over one (may it be lv, gucci, prada, or chanel) which i obviously can't afford (admittedly, its not like weekend shopping at h&m) and for which my parents (ok, take the whole family for the matter) disregards very clearly. they'd be more willing to hand me a macbook (which i received last year) , travel, and maybe, if i have more sense in myself than being 'materialistic' - education.

of course, everyone have more sense than me... but this particular one is haunting..

LV Palermo

where's the party

i just realized that i spent another weekend NOT in a bar, but at home, office, or at the streets (shopping, playing dumb, staring at lv window display ~haha. kidding)...

there's so many nice bars in Shanghai that i haven't been to yet, and we had all been too lazy to go out (damn cold weather!). now that spring is finally here (or so i hope. one moment its warm&sunny and next thing you're underdressed&freezing again!) i wish i could get my slice of nightlife/partying again!.

dress: topshop. lace bandeau: somewhere. neckpiece: cebu, philippines. clutch: i forgot. (its in my place in manila). watch: chanel. ring: gift from mom. vintage earrings & shoes: bangkok (not shown. ugh editing skills!).
a glass of bailey's, piedra, fort, manila.

its either sunglasses or baseball cap...

and today, its baseball cap day.

i know its considered one of the laziest accessory ever made, but it brings me comfort. especially when i'm feeling tired, wasted, uninspired, ugly, and so on... sunglasses also does the same effect and i always do avoid putting them on together because i don't want people to think that i'm sort of a movie star (or so that's how i see it) trying to hide my identity from the public... lame isn't it? 

anyway, off to Xin Le Road.

baseball cap: some shop in hongkong
dress/long top & red coat: some shop in shanghai
bag: some shop in bangkok
tights, flats, hoop earrings.

yellow summer dress, gartered belt

apparently, no winter coats (for aunt/cousins) were bought as promised.

its not my fault they DONT sell (erm) winter coats anymore right? i mean, its almost may.. spring is coming.. people aren't buying winter clothes. boutiques should keep them on their boxes.. people want to see new lines.. and.. and... *evil grin*

but i will probably give this dress to my friend cos i just realized i haven't bought her anything yet *oops* while im hoping she doesn't tumble in this blog of mine, cos she will know that i wore it first! haha. OR i will just keep it and buy her something i won't like (w/c is also impossible).. hmmm..

dress & belt: h&m

first attempt

im really not in the mood for the whole outfit post... but here it is anyway.

i got up really late (2pm) and have these huge eyebags... not feeling good... if only i don't need to haggle for those 3 coats today :( (also my first attempt with the purple coat since it looks pretty sunny outside..)

hat: h&m. necklace: cmg, manila. jacket: some shop in shanghai. top: topshop. shorts: some shop in shanghai. tights: h&m

leopard print tank, red pencil skirt, snake armlet, tusk necklace, friendship ring?

i have this friend since high school who i usually shop with. the ring i wore here is from one of our bangkok trips together, and we call it "the friendship ring" - as cheesy as it may sound, since nobody wants to give way, so we both ended up buying one for ourselves!

we don't normally shop together as we used to, but we still end up having the same things (until now)! i was surprised when she went to my place one day, and pointed at my animal-printed top,

"hey.. did we bought this top together?"

"no... why?"

... and i knew.

top: mango. skirt: dorothy perkins. shoes: local shop, peopleRpeople. snake armlet, necklace: friend's online boutique. ring: bangkok. watch: chanel. clutch: i forgot :)

tomorrow's task: shopping

my aunt from canada called the other day, asking if i can buy her 3 daughters winter coats then bring them home on my coming vacation. at first i thought its no biggie - i loved shopping for other people! it limits my own excessive impulse! but then again, THREE winter coats? are you kidding me? i'm ONLY allowed to carry 20kilos (plus 5kilos hand carry) at the plane! how am i supposed to FIT all my clothes if i added more bulky items (again, they're winter coats!)? *sigh* of course i already said its okay... and now, i'm in this kind of situation where i'm NOT that all excited about shopping anymore.

but i'm still gonna drop by Xin Le Rd. tomorrow & try to see if i can find anything great (before i resort to H&M).

what i really like about this place is that, even though i DONT end up buying anything, i'd still feel great. the ambience is spectacular, and you can see shanghainese fashionista's/ local independent designer's shop as well. 

(pics taken by me)

street fashion. asia

i was initially trying to search for "shanghai street fashion" look to post, but never got impressed at all the websites i come across with - which is weird. i know most of you have already heard about how shanghai is like new york, very fashionable/ cosmo, et al. and i have seen many (but not as many compared to hongkong) fashionable girls walking around the streets on a daily basis.. so i think im better stucked with this site instead.. while i'll tell you more about shanghai fashion later :)

korean girls have always been cute and more fashionable (i think)

dreaming of my sandbar ..

one of the things i hate about living in shanghai is the loong winter! and i'm really sick of wearing coats/covering myself ALL day, ever since october! ugh.

i'm born in a tropical country, so please bear with me...

and if u might ask what's so hot about living in a place with year-long hot weather...? the beach!

clear blue skies & water. canoeing.. yachts.. golden retriever...

a few more days to go... and im ready to tear my sweaters & show some skin!! (but i hope the nearing of my vacation won't neither affect my savings, nor my working habits!)

nautical bikini, sailor hat, von dutch cap, white aviator sunglasses.
sandbar, mindoro. philippines!